Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone for entering my little giveaway! Five of you have won patterns for the bib.

#19 - Leslie
#48 - Janet
#11 - Jen (I'm not sure which Jen this is... let me know!)
#53 - Laura (I don't have any email for you either, Laura.)
#62 - Agata (And looks like the same story here, please let me know your email.)

And the winners of a Perfect Fit bib are

#1 - Jessica (I don't have any information for you, please leave me a comment or email me.)

#44 - Rebecca of Our Busy Little Bunch! Um, yeah, not sure you need the bib Rebecca, but it's coming to you.

Thank you all for commenting. If you really wanted to win a bib, but didn't you can still purchase a bib or the pattern from my etsy shop.


  1. Thanks for the great pattern.I just looked at it and the directions are very clear and well illustrated. Looks like fun


  2. I can always gift it to a sweet little nephew :) Thanks!!

  3. i am so super excited about this!!!! thank you thank you

  4. I'm not sure if you meant me but here's my email:

    If it is me, thanks so much!!! If not, I may just have to purchase it from your etsy shop :)