Baptism Gown

A while ago a friend asked me to help her make a baptism gown for another friend. She passed on her leftover wedding dress fabric and asked for something very simple because she really didn't want to put something frilly on a boy if that's what she had (and she did!)

I had an old pattern that my Oma passed on to me a few years ago for a nightgown and this is what it turned out to be...
Very simple but cute on a "baby" :)
I hope they're happy with it!


  1. Wow, that is very tiny. And yes, very plain. It looks way better on the doll than on the hanger.

  2. this is lovely and such a great idea to use the wedding dress fabric.

  3. You guys are so brave! I'm scared to use my own wedding dress for a baptism gown, let alone someone else's!
    It looks great, I'm sure she'll think the same :)

  4. I'm sure she'll be very happy with it!

  5. Can you email me the pattern? I can't find one like this.