Kids Clothes Week - The rest of the week

I did manage to finish one other this last week but didn't have the time to blog about it. It's the "Kaisa" shirt from Ottobre 1/2009. My very first project from Ottobre and the first time I sewed with knits!

Here it is...crooked pants and all :)

My thoughts on the project...

• I made one change to the pattern, just lengthened the arms so they wouldn't look "just too short" like in pattern.

• Somehow I ended up with the front about 1" longer than the back. I think it was a combination of not sewing with as much seam allowance as I added on when cutting it out and I think I may have added a seam allowance on the hem on the front which I didn't need to to. That was an easy fix.

• I didn't have any clear elastic in the house so I first tried to do the bodice with reg. 1/4" elastic but it was too stiff and didn't look right so I ended up just gathering it - Thanks Cindy for that tip!

• I had trouble with the neck line as you can see. I was going to put binding on like the sleeves but using a straight stitch ended up in snapped threads (I figured that would happen) so I tried the other option from the pattern - stitching elastic to the neck edge and just folding it over and top stitching down. I don't know if clear elastic would make that much difference but the regular stuff I used doesn't sit right at all and the neck is too wide.

On the whole though I think it's pretty cute and it was a great learning experience!


  1. Mistakes and all that you listed, I think it's good. We are always our own toughest critiques. It's cute hands down. Congrats on tackling an Ottobre patter, I've yet to use one. The little one seems to like it as well, isn't that what matters most? :)

  2. Congrats on sewing your first Ottobre pattern. The top looks wonderful. BTW, I rarely use clear elastic because I have too much trouble with it. Instead, I substitute 1/8" or 1/4" regular elastic.