Little Bits

Sometimes you do alot of little bits of sewing in a week but not really worthy of a blog post. You have that too? So I'm not the only one.

Between rain showers while the sky was a wee bit bright I ran outside with my camera and took some photos of my little bits of activity this week.

I used 3 half yards of fabric to make 4 bibs like these ones. Above is one side and below is the other side.

I squeezed out one more with the scraps. The back side is strips of the two fabrics. These were fun to make.

And just a few more bits left so I made a doll bib for the girls. I'll have to make a couple more of these.

I bought this doll high chair at the thrift store but the cloth seat was broken very quickly. Today I finally made a new one. It only took about half an hour and Carolin is so happy. Should have done that awhile ago.

Rebecca and I are organizing a quilt retreat to take place in about a month. I've been working on that too.

And, most relaxing of all. I am stitching down the binding on this quilt. Terrible photo, but you can see what I mean about relaxing right?

Thanks for reading my little bits.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Looks like a very productive week Alisa. Hope the moving plans are progressing well. Ours are :)

  2. I love your little bits! The bibs are very cute especially the doll bib - so cute :)

  3. Was carolin exstatic when she saw the bib?? I love it!
    Karen Schouten