Food Friday

Of course after Suzanne and I decide to dedicate Fridays to all things food, we start Spring Break and I am either a)serving freezer meals or b)serving leftovers or c)going out for fast food (gasp!) Baking has been pretty non-existent this week too. So I'll start my turn at Food Friday with some not-so-great photos of Gord's birthday cake. To be eaten tonight.

It can hardly be called 'homemade' as it's a box cake mix.

The icing is made with whipping cream, chocolate pudding mix, icing sugar and instant coffee powder. I just wing it with the amounts.

I admit that I don't like making cakes or desserts that much. I'd much rather just eat them!

What about you... making cakes, eating cakes or both? :-)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Eating them definitely comes first, but I do like to make them too.
    So would you say "Make your cake and eat it too!"?

  2. i really like making the cakes! it is the eating them that becomes a problem. so i generally am the designated dessert maker for wherever we go. Food Friday is a great idea!

  3. Eating them! I don't have the patience to decorate a cake and make it look half decent.

  4. I just had Abby's family party last night...made two cakes! Figured I should do a homemade cake...why always buy a box? When it came out of the oven I have to say I was quite concerned with it's white color and flatness. Something definately went wrong...SO off to the store to buy a box...you can't really mess those up! Happy Birthday to Gord!

  5. Alisa - nothing wrong with using a cake mix to save time. I figure if I bake it in my oven, it's homemade! LOL! If you want it to taste more from scratch, substitute milk for water and melted butter for oil. Great blog btw!