Stitching with the Kids

Oh what fun we had! My kids totally surprised me with their enthusiasm about quilting.

I figured on a few days to make all the blocks for a baby size quilt. But it only took today. They just didn't want to stop.

I loved it! It was one of the best days I've spent with five kids at home on a rainy day.

They worked together very well.

But, I am tired now. The kids are in bed, except for Benjamin. He still wants to sew some of the blocks together tonight. He's like me, doesn't want to quit until it's all finished.

So, how does it look so far?


  1. WOW!! That is just awesome!
    Just a question...how old are the kids that are helping you?

  2. Marian - My oldest, Ben is 10, then Melissa is 8 and Deanna is 6. Ben and Melissa could do all their own sewing and ironing. Deanna needed help with everything but she still did most of it. I was, of course, supervising the entire time.

  3. That is fantastic!! I love it and am so glad the day went so well!

  4. Looks like they had a good time.

  5. Is that a string quilt? Is that the one where you use paper to make it and then rip the paper off?
    It looks great! What are you doing with the quilt?
    Karen Marie

  6. It looks wonderful! They've done such a great job. You better watch out, you might have a hard time getting your sewing machine back from the kids!:)

  7. It looks great! That is something Jasmin would love... I might have to give it a try :)

  8. Wow!! They did a wonderful job!!!

  9. It looks great! Love string quilts :)