Zig Zag Rainbow

After starting this quilt in September, I am finally finished.

I worked on it little bit by little bit through the fall when I didn't feel too well.

It's a bit of a bittersweet finish for me. This quilt reminds me of our wee little one who is with the Lord.

I plan to hang this in the girls' room for now to cover up a few scratches on the wall.

PS My husband and I are going on a long overdue evening out without kids on Saturday. My sister is coming at 5:00 to babysit. We are going out for dinner but what else should we do? Something fun. We need to have some fun. Yup, I'm asking you for dating advice. Maybe some of you local peeps have some ideas for us?


  1. Oh Alisa, I feel the sadness in your words. The quilt is beautiful though and a testiment to the love and emotions you felt while working on it.
    As for the date, I can't remember the last time we got out alone so I can't think of anything beyond dinner either! Have fun!

  2. Skating!
    Go to another place for dessert :)
    Take pictures in a photo booth...
    Skip stones at the lake!

  3. When I look at this picture of this quilt it feels like each stripe represents a type of emotion that you would have gone through...I am thankful that you have the strength of God, family and friends to help you through all of it!
    Date night suggestions:
    Harrison Hotsprings for dinner and a walk on the waterfront. Trevor and I always say it feels like Whiterock at Harrison, just not such a long drive!
    Mini golf...and arcade games at "Wonderland"
    Bowling...although with two the games are quite fast, but still it's fun!
    Too bad we don't have a Chapters close by, we have often done that after a dinner out...
    If you are in Abbotsford go for an evening stroll around Mill Lake. Maybe take a flashlight...fun AND romantic!
    Watch a comedy/romance movie at the new theatre...don't know if there is anything fun playing right now...
    Hope that helps!

  4. It's a gorgeous quilt Alisa. Stitched and bound in love for your little one who will forever be in your heart.

    Last weekend the DH and I went to dinner then went for a stroll in the park and watched the birds and bats (we were in Sydney...

    We enjoy going for a stroll and icecream... but bowling together is fun too! Have a lovely evening! I bet it's long overdue!

  5. Oh I am a bit behind on my blog reading but I really hope you had a wonderful night.
    I would have kept it simple, that's usually the best times that hubby and I have.