Potholder Pass 7

After observing so many different flickr swaps I finally joined one myself. The Potholder Pass was started by Amy and it's in its seventh round! I was kind of nervous but I think my potholders turned out fairly well.

My partner didn't supply much direction other than that she likes 'colour.' The theme for the swap was "anything but square."

I used some of my leftover Freebird fabric. Is it colorful enough do you think? Would you be happy with these potholders?

I had intentions of making something else to go with it but I am kind of short on time right now. So I bought a couple of little things at Hamels today.

I told you I'd be making more potholders!


  1. Oh, I love them! I think that the flower in the center is terrific! Your partner is sure to be thrilled! Thanks for joining!

  2. Heck yes, they're great! Colorful and whimsical!

  3. They are perfectly round. Just wonderful. And I like your choice of fabric to!

  4. I like them!!


  5. I love them too! The colours are fun and cheery :)

  6. Hi there

    I love these pot holders. Do you have a pattern you would share?