Kid's String Quilt Complete

We did it! Together, my children and I made a quilt.

It was a fun Spring Break project. I look forward to sewing more with them.

Benjamin and I made a tutorial for the string block and I'll post it on Monday. Not that there aren't any tutorials out there already but we'll show how we did it.

They are proud of it and have decided who they are going to give it to.

Look at their cute stitches on the binding. Benjamin and Melissa did this together.

The only part of the quilt that was too hard for them to do on their own was the actual quilting. The quilt was just too heavy for them to maneuver under the machine.

All in all a success. Thanks to my sister-in-law for inspiring me to do this with my kids!


  1. Beautiful quilt and well done! I'm looking forward to the block tutorial. - Linnet

  2. Wow! You kids did a wonderful job! It's beautiful!

  3. That's quite an accomplishment! The quilt looks terrific and the kids did an impressive job of sewing that binding down!

  4. Wow! It looks great, your kids are so talented.

  5. That looks great!!! I love it!
    Karen Marie