Fairytale Dress

Burda 9702
I'm feeling kind of short on words lately so it's going to be mainly photos. I'm still fitting in time to sew but not too much time for blogging.
I changed up the pattern and made the facing go to the outside with contrasting fabric. It was fun.
Different buttons. Design feature or being thrifty? You decide.

Look Auntie Suzanne, we have some tulips!
Oh, what's happening over there Mom?
While Mom takes pictures I think I'll play!
And nope, no pants again. This time it saved me some laundry!

Have a good week all of you.



  1. The dress is very sweet (as is your model!)

  2. Glad to see another little boy who shuns pants as mine does. ;) Oh, cute dress too!

  3. Cute dress!
    I had to laugh at Zachary in the puddle...boy will be boys!
    (It's sold?? YAH!!)

  4. So sweet! I love the fabric - and her silver shoes :)
    I know Zachary is trouble but he is soooo cute!
    Oh and we had our first bit of colour show in our garden today! Purple crocuses!

  5. I see the SOLD sign in the background. Woohoo!

  6. I love how you put the facing on the outside in pink...it frames her beautiful face! And the buttons..definitely a design decision.:)

  7. SOLD! Wahoo! Cute dress and love the picture of Zachary in the puddle with no pants - such a boy!