Look what we got in the mail yesterday...

Can you tell me what's going on in the picture?  It took me a couple of minutes but then I understood.  I love it!
Thanks Melissa!!


  1. Is it a quilt on a clothesline?

  2. So glad you got it!

    You are taking a photo of your quilt and you are holding your new baby. What a multi-tasker you are!

    I couldn't let that one sit around and get lost (like some of the other ones) so I put in it in an envelope and mailed it off right away. :-)

  3. Hey Alisa - I know you know!

  4. Well at least I know I guessed it right before I read the comments :o)

    It is such a shame with all those pictures that "get lost" ... some are so good better than I could do!