New Bag

It was time for a new bag for myself.

I used the Oak Park Bag pattern by Loft Creations.

The pattern came together fine but I did find the instructions could have been more thorough. I've made lots of bags so it wasn't a problem but for a newbie it wouldn't be the best pattern.

The only thing I changed was to add an inside zipper pocket. For those things you don't want to fall out of your bag.

And for those of you who notice such things, no, I haven't been on my blog much lately. Besides selling our house and buying a new one I had to have an emergency appendectomy on Monday night. So, I'm not quite up to my usual speed at the moment. But, the sun is shining and we are having warm weather. If you live in the Fraser Valley you know how exciting this is.


  1. Oh goodness! I hope you are feeling better. How scary. The bag is beautiful. I need a new one too.

  2. Wow! Hope you are doing ok...you have quite the plate-full right now.
    Yep, this weather is pretty fab! We've been enjoying it thoroughly:)
    (ps, I love how 'summer-ish' your new bag is:)

  3. I hope that you're feeling better and recovering well! The new bag is gorgeous!

  4. The bag is so pretty and summery!

  5. Wow - I hope you recover quickly and find some time to rest between all the busy-ness of moving!

  6. Hey Super Mom, I love your new bag! Hope you are recovering well!