Quilt at the Ranch

This past Monday our family headed out to "The Ranch" for the day. It was a holiday and we were celebrating my b-i-l's birthday. "The Ranch" is a 100 acre piece of land my b-i-l and s-i-l bought about 5 years ago. They've slowly been turning it into a really unique place to live. They raise organic chickens, turkeys, pigs and now llamas too! My kids (and us) love going to visit. We just can't get out there often enough. (It takes about 1.5 hours to drive there.)

It was a wonderful relaxing day and the perfect place to take photos of my newly finished quilt.
Of course I couldn't find my camera at the moment so my s-i-l's snapped the photos for me. They are really super sister-in-laws even if they call me a quilting dork. That dog is Rusty. How nice of him to pose for me.
Carol even got out a prop for me. I told you, I have great s-i-l's.
The back. I was not planning to have that strip in there but I didn't have enough of the flannel. Now that it's done, it does look fine.
A very old out-building. I love it!
And, just to be really cool, on the back of Charlie (or is it Badger?) When I told my husband I was taking my quilt along to take photos of it at the ranch he though I was a little weird. "What are you going to do, take a photo of it on the back of a horse?" Well, yes I think I will!

Quilt Stats
Size: 72 x 84 inches
Fabrics: mostly Freebird by Momo as well as some solids and near solids from here and there
Pattern: from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner
Changes: I changed the construction of one of the blocks. She instructed the quilter to applique squares on squares. I figured out the measurements to piece it instead. Easier and saved on fabric.

This quilt is one of my favourites to date and it is in use already. My husband likes it because he fits under it.

I'm just adding two more photos. These were taken in our back yard and I find them a bit more true to the actual colour of the quilt.


  1. Beautiful quilt...and I love the picture with the saddle.
    Funny how men just don't understand the importance of taking the perfect picture...nevermind the lengths we will go to get it!!

  2. What a lovely quilt...and I love all the pics!

  3. Love the pictures!! And the quilt too :)

  4. Lovely!! What super cool photos too :)

  5. Lovely pics and beautiful quilt. Oh and Suzanne, great job on the cakes!!!
    From a nameless Dork!
    sniff, sniff!

  6. Such a gorgeous quilt! I love it!!

  7. Alisa, the pictures turned out great! The perfect place to have a quilt photo session :-) And I'm sure the 'quilting dork' name is very full of love and admiration for your talent!

  8. Oh that quilt rocks. The square and circle motif rocks. And your pics rock too. Way to rock.

  9. this quilt is stunning. you could not have a better backdrop or more fun models than a horse. that is so cool

  10. love your quilt, especially on your horses back!