Baby Boy Quilt

My friend Rebecca and I collaborated on a quilt for our friend M's baby boy to be born any time.

This will be a pretty special baby for them. After 2 girls and an 8 year gap they are having their first baby in Canada! We are looking forward to seeing him.

I am linking up to Amy's Sew and Tell today!


  1. love this quilt...I was actually looking at this line of fabrics on etsy earlier today. I like what you've done with them!

  2. Beautiful quilt!
    I used the same materials, but in the orange and blues line. I have to say...I like your better.
    And do I dare tell you that I started..and almost finished Blake's quilt way before he was born...and now it sits in the closet waiting to be finished. It's a ragtime quilt and all I have to do is do the snipping of all the seams..and then wash it.
    Now I'm going to haul it out and get it done!

  3. How exciting!! Lovely quilt.

  4. I love the solid brown in there, it looks awesome! I'll have to save that idea for another project. Nice work.

  5. Love the colors you chose. This is beautiful.

  6. I love how those blues and browns go together! Great choices in fabric and what a fun and very special present!