Back to School

So this week was back to school for our kids. Summer goes by too fast for me but they were excited! Tessa started Kindergarten this year and she loved it!
How is that I'm making 3 lunches already??  It feels like we were just sending Anneke to school for the first time!
Tessa's actual first day of school was Thursday.  Here she is all excited and ready to go!
And, a couple of Sophie who gets to have a few (hopefully) days at home by herself with me before the baby comes. Probably nothing new but I discovered that shoelaces and beads are a great craft for a 2 1/2 year old!  They're easy to put on, don't fall off that easily and...she was busy with it for almost an hour!

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  1. I hope they all had a great first week! I agree, summer goes by way to quick.