I'm due this week!

This pregnancy has flown by for me and gone very well!  I can't believe that any day now we could be holding our new little one in our arms.  We're looking forward to it very much!

Here's one last picture.  I haven't taken very many but thought I'd better before it's over.  I'm wearing the skirt I made way back at the beginning.  At the time I wasn't sure whether to keep one I bought or use this one and I'm happy to say I returned the bought one and have worn this one a lot!  It's one of my most comfortable pieces along with this shirt that I've been living in :)
And a sweet pic of me and our youngest for not much longer! :)


  1. I'm excited for you! You look great! That's a super sweet picture of you and your youngest (at the moment).

  2. Gorgeous bump! All the best for your delivery. Looking forward to an update.

  3. Your children are adorable! Good luck with the birth!