One room done!

The other week I called Alisa to tell her that I was finally getting somewhere on Lukas' and Sophie's room and coincidentally she was working on her girls room at the exact time I called her :) Do things like that ever happen to you?

We had to do some moving around of the kids in preparation for baby. This will be the first time we can have a specific baby room and I'm kind of excited! So we picked up a used bunk bed and moved Sophie out of her crib and into Lukas' room.

Lot's of pictures as the room is small and hard to take pictures in (especially with the sun shining in the window)...
I made a valance for the window and curtain for the closet with leftovers from Lukas' quilt.
A covered bulletin board so he can display some of his artwork and crafts...
This is a painting Lukas made this summer.  I love $ stores - $2 for a nice sized canvas!
Lukas' top bunk.  He loves to look at the map and flags!  You can often find Sophie snuggled up here with him in the morning.  So cute!
Here you can see Sophie's bed on the bottom with the bight quilt.  Not quite long enough for the bed but the colours work so great with Lukas'.
A very crooked picture but the only way I could get one with all the coordinating fabrics on :)
It sure feels good to have it done!

Here's a picture of what the room looked like last summer before any of this was started...it's come a long way!

I thought maybe I'd be able to get Tessa's quilt quilted and have the two older girls room put together in the next week but with the way my machine is acting I'm not so sure!  Maybe I'll just quilt it with straight lines... I think the baby room will get done after he/she arrives :)


  1. I love it! The valance, the closet curtain, the quilt, the painting (he's got talent!), the map. It's a great place to be. You must be so happy to have it all finished. I like the wall colour too.

  2. this room looks so great....i love the animal artwork!!!

  3. Looks good, glad you got it checked off your list!

  4. Looks great Suzanne! I really love Lukas' quilt. And how neatly the beds are tucked in - I hate making bunk beds, they're so awkward!