Random Bullet List

* Made these cookies a few times. Very good. Too good if you know what I mean.

* Suzanne is due in one week. One week! She's ready and excited.

* I turned 33 earlier this month. I had a great birthday. We had friends over and played Party Bridge.

* My little sister bought me a Kona Color Chart! I was excited to say the least.

* I also got a really beautiful basket from some of my sister-in-laws. I've drooled over them many times and now I have my own. Love it. Thank you girls!

* Both of these gifts were not on my birthday list. They were things I had mentioned in the past that were remembered. That's what makes them so special.

* Made salsa with another sister-in-law. It has just the right amount of bite. Yummy.

* I have these apples waiting for me. To make into apple sauce, apple pie, apple crisp. And we'll eat some just like that too. From my parents' tree.

* This guy. He keeps me hopping. We're toilet training. The last few days he's been getting it! Imagine.... no kids in diapers. Wow!

* Insomnia. It's taking a toll on me. I am not very energetic because of it. Anyone else deal with it?

* Rain. We just had a light shower. We haven't had much rain lately and the sound was music to my ears. I must be a west coast girl through and through.


  1. I have had stretches of insomnia since Penny was born. I am 36. I was thinking it might be hormonal. I don't know. It's awful; I'm sorry you are dealing with it too.
    Wow, one week. That pregnancy flew by for me :) I look forward to seeing good news here regarding the birth!

  2. love the list :) and I'm going to have to try that recipe! Have fun with the apples - we made 28 pies on monday - it's so nice to have "fresh" apple pie in the winter.

  3. Oh, great gifts! And thanks for the cookie link ~ it's even egg-less!

  4. The cookies are delicious!!! They're the kind you could eat one after the other with tea :-)