My boys bedroom

Now that I'm finally finished Zachary's quilt, I think I'll show you what my boys room looks like. When we moved into our house it was dark brown. I didn't really mind the colour, but it was full of holes and it made the room quite dark. So during Christmas holidays, Gord and Benjamin painted the room.

Here's what it looks like from the door.  On the right side is Zachary's bed (he's in it, just ready for his nap) with the bunk bed rails still on it.  Works great for a toddler!  On the left is Benjamin's bed.  I made his quilt when I was pregnant with Zachary.  He still really loves it and takes it off his bed to snuggle with in the winter.

Benjamin likes the Vancouver Canucks so he got a couple of posters. I had these mounted on foam board so they wouldn't looks so 'posterish' and would stick out from the wall a little bit.  He also has a new Canucks lamp by his bed.  A great garage sale find!

I forgot to take a close-up photo of the sign above his bed.  It was a free download from here. (I have searched and searched and I can't find it right now. I'm 99% sure it was from V & Co.) The frame is an ugly one that I spray painted to match.

Zachary's side of the room. I would still like to get something for above his bed.  I have my eye on this illustration from Sarah Jane Studios.

Gord's Grandmother was a very prolific cross stitcher.  She also loved to sew, knit, crochet and anything else she put her hand to do.  She is 92 years old and she still loves to talk about sewing with me.  She made all of her grandchildren a cross stitch when they were younger.  That's Gord's on the left.  She also made many of the great-grandchildren a cross-stitch too.  That's Benjamin's on the right.  Before Zachary was born though, she called it quits.  She couldn't see well enough to do it any more.

Zachary loves his new quilt and I just had to include this photo of him snuggling under it. Did I mention I'm glad to have it finished?!


The messy corner. Everyone has to have one of those, right? Nice thing about this one, is that the door opens right in front of it, so I don't have to look at it every time I walk past.

These curtains came with the house and I like them. I spruced them up a bit with some of this cute Michael Miller bicycle fabric. I had bought if for Z's quilt but it didn't make the cut (too light) so it was nice to still use it for their room. And that's the tour of my boys room. Maybe next time it'll be my room. Probably not for quite some time...

Thanks so much for all the comments on Zachary's quilt!


  1. Cool room! Love the Canucks stuff. :)

  2. The room is so pristine! Where are all the toys stashed? My kids rooms are disasters no matter how hard I seem to try.

  3. If *that's* the messy corner...you better not come to my house.

    The bits of cross-stitching done by grandma/great-grandma are so precious!!

  4. Great boys room! almost looks like my own boys room back in the 1970's! Whew! long time ago... Oh and I have a bit of a tip for you if you don't mind. I figure you live in BC so the tip is that you should not put framed pictures with glass over beds, even a small earthquake can knock them off the wall and onto the person who may or maynot be sleeping. The poster Idea is great for kids room, and don't present a possible danger above the bed...

  5. The boys' room looks great! Clever idea to spruce up the curtains...the bicycle print is neat.:)