A new dress for Anneke

Anneke's dress is done!  I was hoping to have this finished a few weeks ago but I got stuck at one point so it got put aside and then I went out of town last weekend so this week I was determined to finish it.  She was very happy to wear it to church today!
The pattern is an old Simplicity one. I made a size 10 but lengthened it about 4".  We also added a bit of crocheted lace at the empire waist to hide the seam allowances and add a bit more "prettiness".
I didn't have the complete instructions for the dress and because the fabric was quite thin I lined it.  This is where I ran stuck.  I put the invisible zipper in and it went so smoothly!  But then I realized that I couldn't attach the lining and flip it the right way any more.  So after staring at it for a while and asking the help of a friend I ended up taking the shoulder seams apart and hand-stitching them once I had the neck and arm holes put together with the lining.  Hard to explain but I'm glad I didn't have to take the whole zipper out!
My three girls.  Sophie's skirt I made 3 years ago or so for Tessa and Tessa's dress was made 4 years ago for Anneke!  Love seeing them come out of the storage bins again :)
"Ahhh...there's all kinds of bees up there!"
Anneke celebrated her 9th birthday this week!  She requested a soccer ball cake - it worked out okay and she like it :)  Two more birthday's over the next week...should be fun!


  1. It looks good, Suzanne! Anneke is getting so big. Can't wait to see her (and all of you.) The grass really is getting green! Have a good day off....

  2. Happy Birthday, Anneke! The dress is beautiful as is she!:)

  3. I used to sew clothes for myself and for my boys when they small enough to appreciate their Mom's work, and just recently have bought a pattern for a wrap around skirt to make myself for the summer... Love how the dress turned out!

  4. Turned out so pretty - but not cutesy little girl. And sweet that your handiwork gets so much use with three girls!

    I also love the cake! Nice work! :)