Ruffle Shirt

I'm not sure if you remember that I was planning to make my five year old a dress for her birthday.  It was a flop.  I started with a shirt (that was too big for her) and started adding ruffles to it.  It was actually really hard to put the ruffles on the existing shirt (and I went about it all wrong.)  I finally got her to try it on when there were three rows of ruffles (I was going to add a fourth) and it looked awful on her.  It was baggy and way to fluffy.  It was then that I decided to just make her a '5' shirt.

Excuse the little spots, this was on day 2.

But then Deanna (7 years old) tried it on and she liked it.  So instead of a birthday dress, it's a cute shirt for Deanna.  Phew!

I'm not overly proud of it, but it's wearable and I though I'd be honest and share the less than stellar sewing too. :-)


  1. I've had projects like this as well. It is usually how I learn. At least its usable and someone likes it.

  2. good save!! it looks great as a shirt