Catch Up Bullet Post

If you aren't interested in my (Alisa's) personal life then feel free to skip this one.

• Hello all!

• Ever shopped at Pink Chalk Fabrics online quilt store?  They offer excellent service.  A few weeks ago I received this order from them.  Some solids and some cool twill tape.  I had a coupon code for 10% off and their Kona solids are a good price already.  I got a free goodie bag with my order - what fun!

• I went away with my husband.  This hasn't happened since I was expecting Carolin (she's 5 now.)  Gord had a trade show to attend, but I sure didn't mind being by myself.

• We stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel which was just amazing.  The main part was finished in 1888 (for the west this is pretty old.)  It was just amazing.  I just said that twice didn't I?!

• Antique furniture everywhere.

• The men's washroom.

• Fancy stairwells.  I will admit that I got lost a few times trying to find my way somewhere.

• My favourite hall.   The view from here was amazing.

• This is one of my favourites.  The original mailbox which is still in use.  The chute goes all the way to the top floor so if you mail a letter from there it will go all the way down into this box.

• I must have had free time on my hands.  Here's me in the elevator.

• I took this while driving down the main road in Banff.  Too bad I have my parking pass on the dash.  It gives you the idea of how awesome the mountains are.

• I visited the Sugar Pine Quilt Company in Canmore, Alberta (20 mins from Banff)  Worth the stop.  They stock alot of fabric and I had fun there!  Just for the record, some of this is to give away!

• I actually went there twice.  Once by myself and then upon hearing that some of the other ladies wanted to go I promptly offered to drive them there the next day.  I am an enabler, what can I say?  It was fun!  (And both times I didn't take any photos.  I was too busy wiping the drool off my chin.)

• Food, Glorious Food!  We got taken out to dinner by reps every single night.  I could never hope to eat this well again.

• Sitting in the lobby.

• View of our hotel from the Gondola.

• At the top of the world with coffee in hand.

• Moss.  I have a thing for different mosses, lichens and such.

• We (our family) has a thing for licence plates.  As you can imagine, you see many different plates in a place like Banff.  We spotted all 10 Canadian provinces, 1 territory and 22 different states.  My husband even did a U-turn to get a licence plate (the one above!)

• Johnston Canyon

• Lake Louise

• We hit 300000 kms on our van

• I'm looking forward to sewing with friends on Friday night!

• Suzanne and her family are coming in 3 weeks!!


  1. That was a fun virtual trip. Nice that you were able to enjoy a little luxury and a quilt shop!

  2. It's been too long since we've been to Banff, and have never set foot in the Banff Springs. Some of your photos remind me a bit of the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

  3. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Is that one of the hotels on the rail? There was a gorgeous hotel like that in Ottawa, where I read that these gorgeous hotels were built along train stops across Canada.

  4. Ohh, looks like you had so much fun! Glad you got away with your husband!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  5. Great pictures from "my" neck of the woods! And next time I'm in Canmore, you know where I'm stopping!! Did you get to do Sunday Brunch at the Banff Springs? We've done that a couple of times, simply amazing.

  6. Thanks for all the picture!! Looks fantastic!
    And I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away! Makes it real seeing it in writing :)

  7. Oh wow! That hotel is amazing! Glad that you were able to get away for a bit...looks like you had a great time.:)

  8. I enjoyed every one of those pics - thanks for sharing! Another place to add to my bucket list! So nice that you got to go along!

  9. I think I had a huge smile the whole time reading through! From free goodie bags , to some alone time with a camera and the antiques ! Wow I love antiques .Banff looks amazing. So wonderful that you were able to get away .

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time in a beautiful place, Alisa!

  11. Beautiful! The mountains and the fabric. I'm glad you had this getaway.

  12. wow what a beautiful place to getaway too!!! every picture was better than the next.

  13. Thanks for the virtual tour :) Looks like you had fun! I'll have to keep that quilt shop in mind next time we're in Banff.

  14. You make me nostalgic! I love banff, but have not been there in more than 10 years! first time was in 1971! Well, maybe again soon...

  15. That place looks beautiful, thanks for sharing the pics! See you tonight :)
    (and congrats! on your win at PS I Quilt)

  16. Banff is lovely. I have never stayed in the hotel, but some day : ) Glad you had fun.