Summer Time Table Runner

Why yes, it does have toothpaste on the corner!  Don't your kids brush their teeth in the living room too?

Remember the fabric I bought in Banff?  I already turned some of it into a new table runner for my living room table.  You see, the table runner that was on there was a Christmas one.  Yes, it was June and I still had a Christmas table runner on my table.

The back.  I think I like it better than the front.  The natural coloured fabric is actually a light canvas and I really like how it worked.

I stitched the binding on by machine because I really wanted it to be finished so I could remove the Christmas one.

What was really neat was that I bought a fat eight pack of these Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  With the front and the back I used almost every bit of it!  Love that!

My inspiration for this table runner was from this one.  I wasn't using a charm pack though, so I used 2.5 x 6 rectangles rather than 2.5 x 5.  Easy and fun!


  1. Beautiful Alisa! And the Magician's Newphew, my favourite of that series. :)

  2. I love it, Alisa! Very summery and probably a great change ;)

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous!! I don't typically like Kaffe (even though I am usually drawn to bright colors) but I guess there's just something about how you put all his fabrics together that appeals to me. Good job!! I keep out of season stuff out and about too - I just figure if I like it, who cares!! Feels more like Christmas with the weather we have been having. Maybe we should put up our Christmas lights :).