Hello Everyone!

Just some randoms for you all again.  Looks like it's going to be a random couple of months here with summer holidays and all.

First up.  I made a Father's Day present for Gord this year.  Freezer paper stencil shirt.  It was fun and easy.  Now, will he wear it?  He already has!  I'm surprised and impressed.  (He's not the kind of guy that likes to stand out at all, which is why there isn't a photo of him wearing it.)

Inspiration from here.

Next up.  Library bag.  Above - before.  Below - after.  Simply turned the bag inside out and used it as the lining.  Then made a casing to go around the bag and stitched it on with ric rac.  Easy peasy and fun!  Try it yourself with one of those freebie bags.

Zachary fell asleep at the supper table last night.  Don't let this cute photo delude you.  He has been  getting into every sort of trouble so far this summer.  Hope he gets tired of it soon.  I am. :-)

It's sunny today.  That's unusual so far this month.  We've been having all sorts of rain and cool weather.

Suzanne and her family are coming tomorrow, the Lord willing and we are busy getting ready for their arrival.  Err, we should be anyway.  We'll be ready!

Went on a little hike on Monday.  Mom to kid ratio was 3 to 15.  It was great and we hope to do it again.  Missed you Jen!

Yvonne, the colour turned out pretty good after all.  Maybe it's just my display.

Posing for me.


  1. I had a little boy named Zachary once. (Now he has his own little boy!) I believe the name Zachary translates (from boy genes) to "I must try this, even if I know I'm going to get into trouble doing it." "I must touch this, even though I know I shouldn't." And so on... Have fun!

  2. Love the Father's Day shirt and the bag redo! Have a good time with Suzanne.:)

  3. have a wonderful time with Suzanne!

  4. 1. Love the shirt.
    2. Zach cracks me up. I could watch him and chuckle all day.
    3. I would have loved to be there too. Next time:)