Checking In - A Bullet Post

* Hello there!

* Not much going on here on the stitchy side of things.  Other things, yes!

*  We went camping last week.

*  This week we went to the waterslides.  Gord is painting our bedroom (he's off this week).  I know he doesn't like it but he's still doing it and I am so excited to get the purple paint off of my bedrooms wall!

*  We got a new new nephew yesterday!  He's healthy and cute and we are so thankful he's finally here (10 days late!)

*  It's our mom's birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Just because a post without a photo is so boring.  This was taken in July.

*  Kids will be back to school in less than 2 weeks.  Mixed feelings on that one.  Some days I'll have only 1 at home. 

*  I am looking forward to getting my house back in order.

*  We've been enjoying fresh vegetables from our garden.  And cut flowers.  We are really hoping our tomato crop works out.  Our growing season isn't super long and if it gets wet then we get blight.  If the weather holds we'll have a good harvest!  So exciting because this is the first time we grew them from seed.  I'll probably blog about tomatoes again.  Hope you don't mind.

*  Our computer is broken.  I'm on Gord's laptop.  Really hoping it gets fixed today as I am working on a tutorial that needs to be published next week. 

*  Getting itchy for some sewing time.  I have lots of ideas.  Also need to make a quilt for my bed (I have everything and a plan, just need time to execute the quilt.)

*  Loving our nice but not hot weather right now.

*  Went fabric shopping with a friend for a special quilt we are making.  Fun to buy fabric I otherwise probably wouldn't buy.  It's going to be nice.

*  Better go work on that tutorial (the parts I can work on anyway.)

*  Thanks for reading!  I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer too!


  1. Enjoy that last little bit of summer!

  2. :) Glad to find a new post today! It's been quiet around here for a bit - I keep coming to peek! Hope your tomatoes finish well. We're enjoying my mom's from her little greenhouse. So amazing.


  3. I am loving the nice, but not hot weather too! Feeling fall in the air is so nice!