Tetris Quilt-Along Week 3

Melissa over at Happy Quilting is hosting a Tetris Quilt-Along.  I really liked the idea and wanted to join in but summer is so busy I wasn't sure I could swing it.  When Benjamin saw what I was thinking of doing he volunteered to do most of it for me.  He helped draw it out (you really do have to play Tetris with this quilt-along), picked out the fabrics and ironed them.  I cut the fabric, he arranged it according to the plan and stitched the entire block himself!  He's having fun and keeping busy.  (And I'm just glad he's keeping busy!)

It's not perfect but it's a together project that we are having fun with.  This is week 3's block but we need to play catch up and finish week 1 & 2 yet.

We are doing one thing different than the quilt-along calls for and that is that we are using 3" squares rather than 5".  It'll work out to be a baby-size quilt.


  1. That's wonderful to be working on a project together with your son.:) Hmmm, perhaps something like this would interest P...

  2. This is so adorable!! Love those little owls. And how awesome is it that you can do it with your son!! Love it!!