Nothing like a little pressure...

...to get some sewing done!

Last night was a double bridal shower here and I thought it would be nice to make an apron for each bride.  I based them on this tutorial but did the waistband and straps double sided so there weren't any raw edges on the inside.
Umm..yea...ignore the awkward arms!  I don't know how to pose :-p)

They turned out great and the red/blue one matches the kitchen stuff her sister made for her.  Next time though, I'm just going to head to my local quilt shop when I'm making a gift.  Fabricland just doesn't cut it when it comes to modern fabric and I can't say I love the look of them.

In the middle of making these aprons I made a purse for a birthday gift for one of my daughter's friends.  One of those "oops, I forgot about that party I guess I have to make something" moments!  Oddly enough it's orange and I made it before Alisa posted about her bag!  Strange how those things happen sometimes :-)

I totally forgot to take a picture in my rush so I got the mom to take a pic with her phone at the party.  She must've thought I was a nut!


  1. Pressure works everytime!!lol The aprons are fabulous...I really like the first one.:) And you pose just fine!

  2. I like the aprons, Suzanne! And the bag looks red on my screen, not orange at all. Very cute!

    1. It's one of the orange pieces I bought at Hamels :)

  3. the aprons are a nice style and I have to agree about fabric at fabricland! Plus I hate having to pay for a membership to get stuff that doesn't quite measure up to what I want!

  4. I love them. And I know Julie's happy with hers! :)

  5. Im so in love with the red bag...!! amazing