I'm getting pretty original with my post titles, aren't I?  I made time to sew myself a bag and even take photos of it.  But thinking?  Now that's asking a bit too much.

My bag was getting pretty ragged at the bottom so it was time for a new one.  I have a bunch of bag patterns I'd love to try out but I don't have a whole bunch of time right now, so I went with something simple but sturdy.

The outside and the inside are lined with canvas (though it's not a super heavy canvas) so it makes for a nice sturdy bag.  The handles are actually covered nylon webbing so they are also very sturdy.

The handles are really a happy mistake.  I cut some things wrong so I didn't have enough of just one fabric.  I cut the gray fabric a bit wider than the orange making for a 'faux piping'.  I like it!

Used some of my new cotton ribbon from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  So glad it matched so well.

One of my zippers.  I like the orange pocket on the gray.

All in all I like how it turned out.  It fits lots of stuff and it's sturdy.  And I love the colour!


  1. Nice!!
    And if you love the color...why WOULDN'T you use the title ORANGE?

  2. Ok, I love the bag and need to get back to sewing! do you have a pattern you'd suggest?

  3. Love it! Really funny...I just made an orange bag as a birthday gift last night but forgot to take a picture of it :-(

  4. I love this bag! It's great :)

  5. Oh that was me... Karen Marie

  6. The orange bag is great; such a pretty color! (And I have a hard time with post titles, too.)