A boys wallet

It's not very often I make something for Lukas!  He got his own library card this summer and I thought it would be fun to make him a wallet.  Another plus is that he won't need to take his piggy bank to the store when he goes to buy something!  :)
 I kinda winged it and it worked out except I should have made it a 1/4" taller so the dollar bills would fit better.  They just fit but because of the bulkiness from the seam allowances don't really sit all the way in.
 The fabric is from canvas type fabric from a friend.  Thanks, Laura!
 A pocket for change,
a snap to close it,

and a happy boy :) (although no picture to prove it!)


  1. fun! I like the pixelated camo--it works nicely for a wallet!

  2. Love it! :) Turned out great and glad you could use the fabric.

  3. It's great Suzanne. Good job winging it!

  4. The wallet turned out great! I love the little pocket with snap for the change.:)