Richard Scary Sleepover Pajamas

I could also name this post "The adventure of taking photos of an energetic 4 year old."

I used the Oliver & S Sleepover Pajamas pattern.  I have made many pajamas over the years (I sound old when I say that) but decided to use a different pattern this time.  First I was worried that I cut it out too small, so I didn't look at the instructions sheet and decided to make it a different way to make it work (it was one of those stitch-picking projects...)  When it was all said and done I realized that I hadn't messed up at all and had made it exactly as it was intended.  So yeah, brain cells aren't exactly all in the right place, but he's got a new pair of pajamas   The shirt was a plain one that wasn't being used, so I fused a circle of the fabric on the front and called it a set.

He's happy and I'm happy (that I didn't waste my precious bit of Richard Scary fabric.  I didn't mention how much I loved and love Richard Scary books.  I have vivid memories of staring at a single page in a RS book for at least a half hour.  There is so much to see on one page.


  1. Very cute! Hmm, wondering if I am too old for some Richard Scary pajama pants...I would certainly need more fabric!

  2. My four year old is enjoying Richard Scary at the moment too. I have vivid memories of checking out the same books at the same library when I was little. Talk about feeling old!

  3. Looks like a fun pair of pjs...I *have* to sew my kids all some pjs too...just want to find a good top pj pattern for flannel... :)

  4. Richard Scary is the best! I loved looking at his books as a child and trying to find Lowly Worm.:) Cute pj pants!