Easing back... Oliver & S Family Reunion Shirt

Trying to ease my way back into the sewing room.  Made this sweet shirt for Carolin which she loves.  I do too!

Pattern is the Family Reunion Dress/Shirt pattern by Oliver & S.  Great pattern and great fit.  I made a size 6.  Carolin is quite tall and thin so I worried it would be too wide, but it is fine.  It's an easy pattern to follow and makes a classy little shirt.  Does anyone use the term 'blouse' anymore?  Because that is what my mom would call it.

The photos are terrible quality - quickly snapped at the bus stop this morning.  You can see a bit of the detail in the shot below.  The fabric is a thrifted vintage print.  I've had it on my shelf for years and about a month ago my friend pulled it off the shelf remarking at how much she loved it.  I contemplated giving it to her but I decided to use it myself!  There is still a piece left though so you are welcome to it, Jen! :-) 

The buttons are from ButtonMad.  I won them quite some time ago.  Handmade in South Africa and absolutely gorgeous.  They are Carolin's favourite part of the shirt.

All in all a rewarding sew to get back into the groove.  September is always a busier month (for many moms I think) but I am doing a bit of sewing every day, just for fun!


  1. very pretty. love the little details.
    With Live,

  2. The top/blouse is adorable! Good use of the vintage fabric.:) I love the buttons!

    September is definitely a busy month...good to see you sewing, Alisa!


  3. I love the fabric, and the buttons! And, I would call it a blouse too, but like you said, it seems that term is completely out-dated now.

  4. ahahah, Alisa! I'm glad you didn't give it to me, can't believe you contemplated...ahh! I just really honestly liked it and am glad you made something so cute out of it:) I'll try to hold back my adoration of certain fabric prints when I'm at your house, hahaa;)