Keeping warm while camping

In the middle of August we spent a wonderful week camping with our family.  Before we left I made a nice big sleep sack for Sebastian and it's a good thing I did.  The nights were cold!

I of course didn't think to take a picture while camping so these'll have to do.  I used a pattern from a friend and sewed up the 24 months size.  My guy is so skinny though that I had to take up the shoulder seams so his arms can't slip out!

I didn't have any fabric in my stash so I had to go get some for it but made myself only look in the bargain center.  I found this cute dot and then found a type of sweater fleece for the inside.  It worked great and it's so nice and cozy warm.  I was wishing I had one!
"Okay, Mom, I'm outta here!"


  1. Cute! That's my biggest complaint about camping...staying warm. I just can't! No matter how many layers I wear. So I just don't camp. hehe

  2. So cute! I loved using those for my little guys!

  3. Nice! I bet he was warm and cozy at night while you were camping. I could have used on of those on our camping trip!;)