16th Century Dress

Melissa was in a play this morning.  It was about Guido DeBres and the Reformation.  (October 31, 1517 is often remembered as the start of the Reformation when Martin Luther published the 95 thesis) 

Melissa was Margaret of Parma, who was against the Reformation.  She played her part and remembered and spoke all of her lines well!

I made her dress, using the Miss Madeline dress as the base and then copying 16th century fashion as best as I could.  

It turned out quite well and it was something different than the usual for me.  I made up my mind to spend no money on it and I didn't.  The navy blue is a thrifted sheet from my stash, the cream/gold fabric was a curtain in our bedroom when we moved here and all of the laces and ribbons also came from my stash.  Some were give to me and some came in a large variety bag at Liquidation World many years ago.  I am now glad I saved all this stuff!

And in action this morning.  Not the best pics but I was at the back and working with 20X zoom.


  1. That's great Alisa. Love the dress!

  2. Wow! Such a beautiful dress, and I am so impressed that you didn't have to spend any money. Well done.

  3. I love this! and how clever and frugal you are! I always enjoy your posts!