Stringing with the kids

We recently pulled this project out of the woodwork again.  A great project that the kids can work on too!


  1. Oh, it's looking really good! I think you should try get it done... :-) They will like it!

  2. Never thought about a string scrappy quilt as a project to work on with the kids. Excellent idea! They are always asking me if they can do some sewing and I always come up short of ideas, something that can be worked on here and there without any definite pattern in mind. Would you mind sharing a bit of your process with us? We could probably slice up old shirts, etc. as well, don't ya think?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna - Here is a tutorial from one that my kids made several years ago. http://makingmorewithless.blogspot.ca/2011/04/string-block-tutorial.html The only difference is that Suzanne is putting a white strip down the centre of each block. I think it would work well with old shirts (as long as they aren't knits) and other clothing as long as the fabric is not warped from wear.

    2. Thank you for sharing the link, Alisa. Now I know what we are going to work on when the winter blahs start to set in after Christmas. The kids are going to be excited to be able to work on their own quilt. I love it - no points, no matching. They can just practice their seams yet be making something. Thanks again.