Another baby gift...

This time for my brother and his wife who had there first baby!  I used the Sweet Little Dress pattern (once again!) but this time inspired by Leisl from Brown Paper Packages when she did a pattern makeover month this past spring.  I copied this one.  It was a lot of fun to make and I love the finished product!  I made it a twelve month size but should be able to be worn around 9 months as a dress and up to 2 years as a shirt.
 I tried to get my almost 2 year old to model it but she was not at all happy about it!!


Anneke's first sewing experience

Over Thanksgiving (Canadian) weekend our kids had a whole week off and I had promised Anneke I'd let her sew on my machine.  A while back Alisa had made drawstring bags with her kids so I thought that would probably be a good first project for Anneke as well.  She did very well (just had trouble waiting to finish it for a few days while we had company).  I forgot to take any pictures of her behind the sewing machine but she did do it all herself except for the ironing.

And, just for fun, a couple of pictures of the kids in the leaves...that are all gone now :(


Welcome gift!

Last week a friend and I got together to make an apron for our new pastor to go with a BBQ they received as a welcome gift from the congregation.  While we were at it we made two little ones for his younger daughters :)

We used an old apron to copy - very basic.  It turned out great and fit him too!


Kids Crafts

This is a project that my two older kids have been working on off and on over the past half a year or so.  Anneke is finished hers but Lukas is still working on his.

It started with a container of triangle scraps left over from my bright quilt.  They laid them out how they wanted on some fusible web and I ironed them onto a scrap of fabric.  They had a lot of fun picking fabrics and both enjoy the stitching but it does definitely go in spurts of enthusiasm! 

Here's Lukas working on his:
 And here's Anneke's finished "pillow":
I don't know how long it'll stay together but it was fun and their first time using a real needle :)


Something Small

It's been a while since I've posted anything.  I have been doing little bits of sewing here and there, one thing being a gift that I can't post about until it's received by the newest baby in our (extended) family :)

I did make this recently for a new little one in our church but forgot to take a picture of it so the mom nicely did that and sent me a picture.  It's about a 12 month size...just a basic skirt and appliqued onsie to match.
It's made from scraps of this shirt made in May of '08 for Anneke when she was just 5!


Mrs. K's Quilt

A few weeks ago, I alluded to the fact that I was working on a really special quilt. More special than any other quilt I have worked on.

I have known Mrs. K for many years. She and my mom have been friends since I was a toddler and have stayed friends for almost 30 years. That's a pretty long time.

For the past 9 years I have also been a member of the same congregation as Mrs. K. (Not my mom though.) I am pleased to call some of her daughters my friends. This past summer, Mrs. K was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy (is that spelled right?) and now is undergoing pretty harsh chemotherapy treatment.

When I found out that she would need this treatment I knew that she needed a quilt. A very special quilt. Something to keep her warm and keep her spirits up on the terrible days.

Mrs. K is a very blessed woman. She has a husband and 6 children who love her and care for her as well as numerous other family members and church family. She is so thankful for that support. Last Monday a few of us surprised her with a little morning 'party' and presented the quilt to her. She loved it. It was so worth it.

Wednesday I will post a little bit about how we organized the making of this message quilt. Just in case anyone else out there would like to bless someone in their lives with such a gift.

Have a good week!

Thanks to Heather for letting me steal her photos for this post.