Cathedral Windows Pillow

Made for someone special.  I used the tutorial at Moda Bake Shop and changed things up a bit.  As usual.  And, everything except for the pillow form was from my stash.  Love that!


On blogging...

...lately blogging has seemed to be more of a chore than a delight.  Ever have that?

I've been thinking about that and decided that for the month of December I am going to blog more often but shorter posts with a photo or two.  Also, in regards to comments.  I love them but I don't always have the time to respond to them.  So, I'm going to try just responding to your comments and questions right here in my comments.  Allrighty?

So, one photo it is....  The back of a pillow.  I'll show the front tomorrow. :-)

Have a lovely day!


Organized Chaos

Last week my two youngest spent some time playing with my scraps.  It was quite a mess but they had so much fun!

 While I was cleaning it up I pulled out all my red and green scraps.  Deanna loves ironing so she pressed them all for me on Saturday.  I started cutting and stitching and I am having so much fun!  This is my absolute favourite type of sewing!

This is intended for a gift but I am not sure I can part with it!

How about you? Do you like scrap quilting?  Or do you get more of a thrill with new fabric?

Have a good day!

PS - The winners of the bias tape giveaway are Cindy and Crafty Hour Mom!  I will send you an email shortly.


Cyber Monday Sale and Give Away

Today only, get 20% off of anything in the BusyQuiltMom shop with the code CYBERMONDAY.

Also, write a comment on this post and be entered to win a pack of bias binding of your choice from my shop.  Tell me which one you would choose or tell me what you would use your bias binding for.  There will be 2 winners and I will choose them tomorrow (Tuesday) evening sometime.

If you pass this post on in any sort of way (facebook, blog post, twitter, email) then give yourself an extra entry.

Have a wonderful week!



Just can't stop!

I can't stop seeing HST patterns in my head!  I added a couple more the original post.  So far they are quilt ideas using just Half Square Triangles with a light and dark side.  I may add more in the future.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on my first post.  I am still undecided.  Go figure!  I am getting closer though.

The fabrics I am using are from  Bella by Lotta Jansdotter along with a solid gray.  I have 3 choices of gray and I have to choose one.  Not decided on that either.  But I really want this quilt to be finished by the end of the year so I'd better get a move on it!

I am also working on numerous other projects and I am half-way on so many things.  Kind of bothersome, but I'll keep plugging away.

Enjoy the rest of your week!  I'll be as happy as a duck.  Or a fish.  Or any other aquatic animal.  It is that wet out here.


On the design wall

A very scrappy string quilt.  Anneke(9) has made most of these blocks on her own.  The second project is a baby quilt I'm making for our school's silent auction.  It's so cheerful!
Isn't this the cutest fabric?


More HST Layouts

Twice in one day!  Not the usual for me.  I added a few more HST Layouts to my previous post.  Not necessarily for my quilt right now but for future use.  And for anyone else who needs some ideas.  I'm including a photo of the beautiful HST quilt that Suzanne made earlier this year.  It's a beauty!

Half Square Triangle Quilt Layouts

Pondering possible quilt layouts for my very own bed.

All using the simple HST block.  The sky's the limit!













Which one is your favoute?

Any other HST layouts you can point me to?  I might add more to this post so I have a 'library' of HST designs.


Going for the Gold!

Going for the gold here.  Fresh Squeezed Fabric is doing the Pin it to Win it Challenge again!  And I thought - why not?  I really like Randy and have purchased from her several times.  I will gladly support her home business by pinning her fabric.  And if I win I will make a quilt for donation.  (Not necessarily from this fabric, just for the record...)  So, can you pin my fat quarter bundle for me?  I will happily pin yours too, if you join in the fun!

Madrona Road by Violet Craft


Scrap Bin Diving

For Melissa's birthday we had the girls in her class over for a little party.  Rather than a goodie bag I made some pouches from my scraps.  Inside was a roll of life savers and a chap-stick.

These pouches are small.  Only 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall!  The lifesavers and the chap-stick just barely fit.  And the girls loved them. 

So colourful and happy.  So frugal.  So me. :-)

And yes, on this last photo you can see that one of my pouches is 'wrong'.  It was the first one I made and I forgot to look at it while making the other five (assembly line style.)  Obviously it's not going to matter for the girls but the photo would have looked much nicer!

One last little thing.  I have been going through alot of my stuff lately and getting rid of things I no longer want or need.  I have listed this book on my local swap/sell board but I thought I'd offer it here too.  If you would like to buy it, it is $10 plus shipping.

In the next couple of weeks I will be listing a few more things in my shop so keep looking.  Also, I know I mentioned a giveaway for my bias tape.  I really hope to get to that this week too. 

Have a good week!




Ever since the girls bought their Mini Pink they've been wanting to sew.  I admit that it tests my patience to sew with both of them.  Next project I think we will do one at time.

This time they made themselves a bag for their Bible and Book of Praise for church.  It was actually a perfect project.  It was simple but the end result was cute and very useful.

I used an "It's so easy" Simplicity pattern (5151).  I've had this pattern for ages but haven't made it yet.  Instead of interfacing I used a thifted white sheet to make the bags a bit more sturdy and that worked great.

Funny face photo.  Is this necessary when you take photos too?


Laundry Room Post

It's taken me 3 months to finish my laundry room and post about it.  If you are into decorating or are looking for decorating advice, please read no further.  I do what I like but I am pretty sure I would fail on a decorators test.

In August we bought a new deep freeze which prompted the painting of the laundry room.  It's a beautiful, warm buttery yellow and I really like it.  Hard to tell on the photos so you will just have to believe me.

The "decorating" was cheap and easy.  I used a thrifted pillow case for the window topper.

Cheap Dollar Store canvases covered in more thrifted linens.

I didn't take photos of the whole laundry room because it is never completely tidy (it is a working room after all.)  It is only about 5 x 8 ft so not huge, but I love it!

The next photo is for the benefit of my sister so she can see how well I filled my freezer.  Kind of hard to see it all, but it's going to be fun eating out of it all winter!  (I have another freezer with my meat, bread, baking etc in it.)


BQF Nomination Time!

From now until Sunday you can nominate your favorite quilts in a variety of categories.  I would love it if you nominated mine, #470, in the Throw Quilt and Two Colour quilt categories!
You can also vote for your favorite quilt.  Click on the link below to get to all the quilts.
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Thanks and have fun browsing all the beautiful quilts on "display"!