KCWC Days 4 and 5

My week ran away from me and I didn't get to blogging for days 4 & 5.  I made 4 bibs over the two days.  Not really clothes but when you have a baby just starting solid foods bibs are an essential accessory!  I probably spent more time on them than I needed too but cute bibs are just so...cute!
two more
the back

I also went with Anneke to Fabricland and we picked out some fabric for a new Sunday dress for her.  The pattern I got passed on to me a few years ago and it seemed like a good time to pull it out and sew up a basic sundress for her.

Days 6 and 7 being Saturday and Sunday were not spent in my sewing room at all but this week I hope to make Anneke's dress.



Quilting the remainder of this baby quilt in exchange for 2 - 20 minute back massages.  I think I got the good deal.  She thinks she got the good deal.  We're both happy.

Hey Karen - your quilt is quilted.  Your welcome.


KCWC Day 3

Yesterday I finished Sebastian's hat.  This time I added straps (which I miscalculated the length on - it just fits!) and because it won't be reversible with them I didn't bother hand stitching the yellow bucket part down to the brim.  I just pinned it well and top-stitched.

I hope to get to the bibs today but I have book club tonight and lots of reading to do still!

Trying New Things Thursday

Squiggly quilting on Zachary's quilt.  I love how it looks but it's hard on the shoulders!  Hoping to get it finished up this week.  We'll see if I'm successful!

Linking up to Trying New Things Thursday at Happy Quilting.


KCWC Day 2

Doesn't look like much more than yesterday but I did spend an hour and a half or so in my sewing room.  I finished off Sophie's hat (hand-stitching = time consuming!) and cut out and started sewing Sebastian's.
Yesterday Leslie asked if it had a strap on it.  It doesn't but what a great idea!  I'm going to do it on Sebastian's.


KCWC Day 1

Yesterday I worked on a bucket hat for Sophie...
...but didn't get quite finished. I spent a lot longer than an hour in the basement but things take a long time when there are kids involved :)
I'm not sure when I'll get my hour in today (it'll probably be tonight) but hopefully I can finish off this hat and get a start on the next one.

The pattern is from Oliver & S "Little Things to Sew".


My kcwc plans

This week is KCWC!   I don't have anything started or prepped but that's what this week is all about isn't it?  The push to actually do those things that are making a list in our minds.  A few things I hope to get to:

  • a couple bucket hats for Sophie and Sebastian
  • bibs for Sebastian (can you believe I don't have any for him!)
  • leggings and tunic top for Sophie
  • a dress for Anneke - I still need to find fabric for this!

I think that even if I get the top two done I'll be happy.  I can't set my goals too high these days.  Today will be a good start with a friend coming over who also want to make some hats so we can sew together!

I'll report back each evening with what I was able to do.

So, how about you?  Are you joining in this year?



Pretty {little} Pouch Swap

I did something quite daring and joined the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap on Flickr.  I was a bit anxious that I wouldn't be able to deliver but I'm pretty happy with the result.  And truth be told, I wish I didn't have to send it off.  Good thing I received a very beautiful pouch from my partner.

The front.  Just realized that it's sideways on the photo.  I had so much fun with the dresden plate and I hope to revisit it someday.  My hand stitches aren't perfect by any means, but I think they add character to it.  As you can see, I didn't use either of the fabrics I was auditioning for the background but went with this polka-dot gray.  I really like it.

The back.  It turned out kind of wonky, but I was running out of time, so here it is.

Sent along a few fq's and a pretty ceramic button.

I actually really enjoyed the hand applique and then the hand stitching.  Maybe I'll take up a small stitching project for the summer.

The pouch I received from Sawyer's Nana.  She's Canadian!  And and excellent stitcher!  I am quite pleased with this as I don't do a whole lot of stitching myself.  I know it takes time, lot's of it!

Beautiful zipper pull made with buttons.

And more embroidery on the back.  I can't tell if it's hand done or on the machine.  What do you think?

And a photo of (mostly) everything in the pouch.  That green container with different compartments is full of buttons!  Colourful buttons!  Love it.  Also, a cute pouch pattern, some embroidery floss and a zipper.  Is it bad that I used the zipper on the pouch I'm sending out? :-)  I didn't have any in the correct size and this one was perfect.

All in all a fun swap.  I was a little down to the wire on time but other than that it was a great excuse to try something new.

Have a lovely weekend!



Three & Five Tomorrow

Tomorrow my little ones celebrate their birthdays. As you can imagine, there is some excitement in our house. Birthdays are days to celebrate and let the kids become involved. Following are some photos of our preparation. Let's call it a "handmade birthday". And we'll call it "keeping it real." Just some proof that there are still some moms left who don't have 'pinterest-perfect' parties.

My birthday banner.  I should have ironed it before I hung it up.  It looks wrinkly.  No matter - the kids don't care.

Carolin's '5' shirt.  I gave up on the dress that was causing me significant problems and did a simple shirt instead.  She's quite happy with it.  See the "Birthday Girl' ribbon?  We've used that over and over.  Just from the Dollar Store but so appreciated.

Zachary's shirt, which you had a peak of already.

And now for keeping it real. The photo of the decorations my kids made for the big day. 

1. Paper chains made with recycled paper ream covers.  (My dad has a printing company...We get stuff like that.  Recycling at it's best!)  Kids made them and even hung them up.
2.  Dishes.  They're air drying. :-)
3.  Messy coffee/tea shelf.
4.  Lots of special papers on the fridge.
5.  Lunch bags needing lunches in them for tomorrow.
6.  My list and another photo.  And Deanna, who can't resist brightening up a photo.

So yeah, not Pinterest Perfect.  Not even close.  But it's real and love lives here.  I'm just posting this to encourage you all.  You need not plan your kids' parties for months to get it perfect.  Just have some good food, good decorations :-), some cupcakes a few presents and some friends and it will be a great time!

I hope to post again on Friday with some details....


Festival of Half Square Triangles

If you're a follower you've probably seen this quilt before but I'm revisiting my Midwife's HST quilt again and linking up with Canoe Ridge Creations "Festival of Half Square Triangles".
This was a very special quilt to make. If you're interested in seeing/reading more about it my original blog post is here

Check out all the beautiful inspiration at Canoe Ridge Creations and link up until April 22nd.


Suzanne's Pillow

Thank you so much Alisa!! I love it! Here's a picture of it in its new home :)

 I'm linking this pillow up to Megan's Festival of HST's Linky Party.



WIP Wednesday #2

I haven't had much time to blog, but I thought I'd write a quick Work In Progress report.  Because that's all I'll have time for this week.  Is it just me, or is Spring busy?

Remember this big list I posted a while back?  I am working my way through it.  I decided not to make three dresses for Easter.  Because Melissa and Deanna have been so close in size, Carolin has more dresses than she needs.  So I decided not to make her one.  She's quite happy with her selection!
I also decided not to make Zachary a car mat for his birthday.  As much as I would like to, I will not have the time for it.  I ordered one instead. :-)

I finished Suzanne's pillow!  Here's a sneak peak, Suzanne.  I mailed it off to you today... :-)

Working on my Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  I've always wanted to do a Dresden Plate and when my partner had one in her Inspiration Mosaic, I thought I'd go for it.  I'm not sure on my background colour.  Which one do you like better - the one above or the one below?

Made Zachary's birthday shirt.  Still need to make one for Carolin.  I also made them each the bear carrier from Little Things to Sew by Oliver & S.  I'll take a photo of them modelling them after their birthday.

I also finished the birthday banner I've been meaning to make for five years.  Yeah!

I have more things to get done, specifically , Zachary's quilt, my pouch swap and the kangaroo for Carolin.  But I really want to open up this charm pack and make me a spring table runner.  But I keep talking myself out of it.  First things first!  And of course, when it's a beautiful spring day it's hard to stay inside and sew.  Life is springing forth in this part of the country and I love it!


In Their Best Dresses

My girls on Easter Sunday.

Carolin's dress I made last year for Deanna.  It fits her beautifully this year - yeah!

Melissa and Deanna's dress were made from the same pattern.  Little Prairie Girl by Favorite Things.

I wanted something not to "little girlish" but not totally grown up either.  They are after all only 9 & 7.  And of course, something they would actually like and wear.  I think I hit the mark.  They both love their new dresses.

Melissa's dress.  The lace is from a thrifted sheet.  Actually it wasn't even thrifted.  My m-i-l volunteers at our local Bibles For Missions store and picked it up for free.  Even better.

The under skirt on both dresses are actually from a sheet too.  It's just too painful to put a pretty (and costly, comparatively) fabric under another something just so the bottom 2 inches will show.  With Melissa's I used the lace at the bottom, but with Deanna's I used a print just on the part that would show.  I forgot to take a photo of it of course.

 I love my girls.  Inside and out!


Tessa's quilt is finished and a visit from our sister!

I finished up Tessa's quilt last week!  I love it and so does she!
 It's nice and big for a twin 70" x 90".

 A close-up of the quilting.  Once the tension was adjusted on my machine (although it still can't seem to keep the tension properly) I could finally free-motion.  It was a lot of fun doing this!
the back is a re-purposed cotton sateen sheet and feels great
 A very happy Tessa who's excited to be able to sleep under it now :)

These are for you, Alisa (and Mom and any other family who cares!)
It started like this....
then this happened...

and ended like this!
It feels so good to laugh!  It would be lovely if you were here too Alisa...but I'm looking forward to summer!!!