Super Fun Times

We took a little field trip away from the family reunion.  Hamel's Fabrics in Chilliwack, BC is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Three sisters and three sister-in-laws, all quilters/sewists to some extent.  We also have 2 more sister-in-laws who we love equally.  They just didn't come along. :-)

Karen, the one in the front-middle requested this little trip.  And since she's the one getting married tomorrow we thought we'd oblige.  It wasn't hard to do. :-)  We had a great time.  We're all holding up the same fat quarter.  The idea is to do some thing with it before the end of the year and then compare.  Should be fun.

Happy Canada Day for tomorrow!  We will be celebrating with Will and Karen's wedding.  Exciting times!


Nine Patch Puzzle

This quilt was made with the help of many of the ladies who attended our annual quilting retreat in February.  They were asked to bring a colourful nine-patch block, any size up to 9 1/2 inches.

This is what I came up with.  It was a good challenge trying to fit them all in one quilt.  It took lots of stitching and trimming.  It was fun though!

This quilt will be given to our local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  My husband remarked that whoever got this quilt would be getting one very special quilt and I agree.  So many hands helped to make it.

The back has a strip with some leftover blocks as well as some 9 patch blocks that were just too big for the front.

It bugs me that I had my setting wrong on my camera, but I am not going to take these photos again. 


3 Dresses - Done!

Back in April I was all excited to make some new Sunday dresses for our girls. Found patterns, materials and then tried to figure out what fabric to put where. They slowly evolved with two different patterns coming into the picture and a couple of flops but they're done!
1.  Trumpet Flower Dress from Ottobre Summer 2012 size 146/152
It's a very nice dress, all lined and it drapes beautifully but it just fits Anneke.  I had both the bodice front and back measure an inch narrower than the waist and skirt.  Not sure what I did wrong or if the pattern is wrong but that extra inch would've made it fit much better.  Hopefully it'll fit this whole summer.

2. Based on Oliver & S Family Reunion Dress size 7
This is the last one I finished.  I've never bought such an expensive pattern but I'm glad I did!!  I wanted to make a drop waist dress and had a Dutch Knippe pattern that a friends Mom translated for me (very nice!).  I sewed the bodice and the fit was really strange - too tight around the tummy and way to much fabric in the chest.  Then I made a skirt with a peasant style top that just looked awful!  After talking to Alisa and looking around at patterns I thought I could alter the Family Reunion pattern to make what I wanted and it worked!
Great directions and I'm sure I'll be able to use the pattern a few more times.

3. Burda 9545 size 5
This one I could've made a size bigger but it does fit.  I've made this pattern a couple times before a few years ago but with the sleeves.  I love how it's so nicely finished on the inside with no seams showing.


"Going in Circles" for Karen and Will

Three weeks from today our baby sister is getting married!
We've had the privilege of seeing her grow up from baby to 21 years old.   Suzanne and I have had some influence in her life.  We know that for a fact because she quilts. :-)  She's even made a big king size quilt for their new bed.

 I didn't think I would make them a quilt for their wedding.   They do have several quilts already.  But when I suggested that I not make one, Karen made this really pouty face and told me that she still wanted one from me.  I didn't need too much encouragement after that!

I had so much fun making this quilt.  I had wanted to make Drunkard's Path Blocks for some time and had pinned a bunch of quilts in this style.  I decided on a colour scheme similar to their wedding colours with the addition of gray and yellow.

 I love the quilt and it turned out close to what I had envisioned (sometimes that doesn't happen.)

For the back I used up some pieces of fabric I've had in my stash.  I especially love the keys fabric but I've had it on my shelf for about 4 years and haven't used it yet, so it was time to use it!

I can't wait to visit them in their little basement suite and drink tea and snuggle under this quilt!  (Maybe the snuggling won't happen until winter.)

I do believe they love the quilt too!

I just noticed something about this photo - I see 4 quilted/sewn things in this little piece of my house!  I love it!

That's what I've been working on the last little bit.  It was a labour of love!

Next on my sewing list - sashes for my girl's dresses and a few more table runners for the wedding.