Fall Time Oliver + S Family Reunion Shirt

I've had this cute fall fabric in my stash for a few years and every year fall was over before I made anything with it. So "yay" for finally using it. I love it with the little mushroom print!

I used the dress pattern but shortened it to tunic length.  I love the rows of stitching!

I think I might need to go and get some red jeans to go with it...  :)

Today our youngest turns 2!  Such a fun and happy little guy (most of the time)!

Look at his shirt a friend made for him. Thanks so much Laura!


Richard Scary Sleepover Pajamas

I could also name this post "The adventure of taking photos of an energetic 4 year old."

I used the Oliver & S Sleepover Pajamas pattern.  I have made many pajamas over the years (I sound old when I say that) but decided to use a different pattern this time.  First I was worried that I cut it out too small, so I didn't look at the instructions sheet and decided to make it a different way to make it work (it was one of those stitch-picking projects...)  When it was all said and done I realized that I hadn't messed up at all and had made it exactly as it was intended.  So yeah, brain cells aren't exactly all in the right place, but he's got a new pair of pajamas   The shirt was a plain one that wasn't being used, so I fused a circle of the fabric on the front and called it a set.

He's happy and I'm happy (that I didn't waste my precious bit of Richard Scary fabric.  I didn't mention how much I loved and love Richard Scary books.  I have vivid memories of staring at a single page in a RS book for at least a half hour.  There is so much to see on one page.


Easing back... Oliver & S Family Reunion Shirt

Trying to ease my way back into the sewing room.  Made this sweet shirt for Carolin which she loves.  I do too!

Pattern is the Family Reunion Dress/Shirt pattern by Oliver & S.  Great pattern and great fit.  I made a size 6.  Carolin is quite tall and thin so I worried it would be too wide, but it is fine.  It's an easy pattern to follow and makes a classy little shirt.  Does anyone use the term 'blouse' anymore?  Because that is what my mom would call it.

The photos are terrible quality - quickly snapped at the bus stop this morning.  You can see a bit of the detail in the shot below.  The fabric is a thrifted vintage print.  I've had it on my shelf for years and about a month ago my friend pulled it off the shelf remarking at how much she loved it.  I contemplated giving it to her but I decided to use it myself!  There is still a piece left though so you are welcome to it, Jen! :-) 

The buttons are from ButtonMad.  I won them quite some time ago.  Handmade in South Africa and absolutely gorgeous.  They are Carolin's favourite part of the shirt.

All in all a rewarding sew to get back into the groove.  September is always a busier month (for many moms I think) but I am doing a bit of sewing every day, just for fun!


A boys wallet

It's not very often I make something for Lukas!  He got his own library card this summer and I thought it would be fun to make him a wallet.  Another plus is that he won't need to take his piggy bank to the store when he goes to buy something!  :)
 I kinda winged it and it worked out except I should have made it a 1/4" taller so the dollar bills would fit better.  They just fit but because of the bulkiness from the seam allowances don't really sit all the way in.
 The fabric is from canvas type fabric from a friend.  Thanks, Laura!
 A pocket for change,
a snap to close it,

and a happy boy :) (although no picture to prove it!)


Keeping warm while camping

In the middle of August we spent a wonderful week camping with our family.  Before we left I made a nice big sleep sack for Sebastian and it's a good thing I did.  The nights were cold!

I of course didn't think to take a picture while camping so these'll have to do.  I used a pattern from a friend and sewed up the 24 months size.  My guy is so skinny though that I had to take up the shoulder seams so his arms can't slip out!

I didn't have any fabric in my stash so I had to go get some for it but made myself only look in the bargain center.  I found this cute dot and then found a type of sweater fleece for the inside.  It worked great and it's so nice and cozy warm.  I was wishing I had one!
"Okay, Mom, I'm outta here!"


Ready for School!

Tomorrow the kids head back to school!  They're excited....I'm not really.  I love the relaxed pace of summer and am not really looking forward to making lunches and getting the kids out the door in the morning.  But, I know it'll be good to be back in routine and maybe, just maybe, the house will stay clean for more than 5 minutes :)

I made a couple pouches for the older kids who needed earbuds and USBs this year and a pencil case for my oldest who doesn't like her pens and pencils mixed up with all the stuff in her pencil box (I think I need some of her organization rubbed off on me!).

They have no excuse to lose these now!

Anneke gave me this fabric one year for my birthday.  So fun for this project.
A fun zipper pull made with our beading supplies.

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make more time for sewing and quilting now!  :)