Half Square Triangle Madness

It's no secret that I love scraps.  With my scrap bin overflowing again I dove in and started another quilt.  Why not right?

This quilt was not a quick quilt to piece but it was so much fun.  So repetitive, easy and colourful.  First the dive into the scrap bin, then the pressing, the stitching, and then trimming each HST unit down to the correct size.  I really like trimming my HST's down after stitching,  They are much more precise to piece together after that.

All sorts of colours, mostly bright of course, put together (mostly) at random.  I tried not to put like colours next to each other, but sometimes it happened.

The backing is a nice warm yellow found at Stay Home Fabrics, a small Canadian based, online shop.

I love everything about this quilt.  And, I've decided to list it in my shop.

Happy December to you all!