Thrifty Threads #2

For this entry I'm going to go back a few months. Melissa had a great fitting pair of jeans, but she got a hole in the knee. I contemplated putting a cute patch on the knee, but it was almost summer so I dreamed up an outfit around the 'holey' jeans. I used fabric from my stash. I am really trying to use what I have rather than always buying more. The pattern from the shirt is from thatdarnkat's etsy shop. I've made this one at least four times and love it.


She's worn this outfit alot this summer. And you know what is really thrifty about these threads? Deanna can wear it next summer. Gotta love having girls nearly the same size. Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


  1. Now THAT is cute! Yes, my girls were about a size apart when growing up. Everything I made fit one or the other. It made it nice for me.

  2. what a sweet little outfit- i love sharing clothes with the younger kids!