Thrifty Threads #3

We've had family over for the past week and one of my sister-in-laws, Anneleen, who has never sewn before, was up for trying her hand at sewing and making a purse together - I wasn't about to turn her down :-). We went through my stash and I re-discovered two Asian inspired pillow covers that I had received in some boxes of sewing stuff passed on to me a couple of years ago. I came across this webpage (a great resource btw!) a while back so we browsed through and chose the Buttercup Bag. It's a great pattern and the purses came together very quickly. We chose to eliminate the extra button detail as it didn't seem to go with the fabric and we also put the straps inbetween the outer and lining instead of attaching them to the outside. My novice sewing sister-in-law even managed to sew the interior pockets and lining! The best part though is that for these beautiful purses I only had to go out and get one magnetic snap!

This blue one we made for my other sister-in-law as a birthday gift, with a matching card to go with it.
And this one was for Anneleen.
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  1. Suzanne, I'm very impressed. These bags look great! Did she like it? That's why we keep hanging onto all this fabric, right?

  2. Wow! Those are gorgeous. I love the fabric.

  3. Great site for tons of great bags.
    What a great use of stash fabric, well done.