A "Not so Thrifty Thread"

I am loving this Sweet Little Dress pattern. It's so quick and easy. I made these as a baby gift for a friend. One for baby and one for the older sister. I ended up getting the fabric at my local quilt shop so it's not so thrifty but the end result is so worth it. Just imagine them with brown leggings under...

Oh, and not to forget the older brother in the process...a little tie to match. It has the brown polka dot on the back.

I have a whole list of things in my head to make. Most are baby gifts, but I have great intentions of making myself a skirt, and am working on a bright, cheerful quilt for the playroom. I'd also like to make a dressy coat for my oldest, maybe my other two too... Lot's of dreaming, just not so much time :). I just take it as it comes!


  1. Aw, Suzanne, they turned out so cute!!

  2. I came over via Sew Mama Sew's flickr group to see your cute quilt - adorable. BUT - I had to comment on the necktie... my 5 yo would LOVE this. What a great idea!