Thrifty Threads #4

I've been wanting to try making a little girls dress from a man's shirt for a long time now (over a year!) and just never seemed to get around to it. I tried it last week and it turned out so cute. I used the same pattern as the last dresses I made but just lined the pieces up on the shirt so the buttons go down the front. Then I added a little applique to make it special :-)
I intended them to look like modern flowers but they look very much like balloons...The model :-) It's too big for now but should fit in the spring and summer next year. She is such a stinker!
Here are a couple links to some tutorial online that I'd like to try sometime too:
I really love this one and
The shirt dress

And I had to share with you my exciting finds this weekend. We have a great little second hand shop nearby and I found this beautiful periwinkle wool blanket for $4.50. I have ideas mulling in my mind of making a winter coat for my 6 year old...I also found this sheet in great condition that'll make a good quilt backing or... We'll see if anything else comes to mind.Thanks for looking!


  1. Suzanne, does the sheet match the blanket? You could almost use that as the lining. Wouldn't that be thrifty!

  2. I need to try making one of the dresses out of a man's shirt. Oh...the appliques look like modern flowers to me.