Back at it!

My Paintbox quilt that is.  Notice the beautiful machine?  A wonderful friend lent it to me while she is on holidays!  I think it was partly a kick in the butt to get this one done :)
I'm a little torn on how I'm quilting it. So far I've stitched in the ditch on each side of the vertical sashing and have started the horizontal. I don't love it though and am thinking I should've meandered and put a little star or something in the center of each block. But...I don't think I'll be taking all this stitching out so a grid it will be. I hope in the end I'll like it more.


  1. deciding on the quilting pattern is the hardest part for me. i always have tons of great ideas(i think) but then i fall back on straight lines....and it always looks good!

  2. You can still put a star inside each box if you want... I think it would look really neat!