The Fair

This year the kids and I decided to enter a few items in our local fair. It was fun (but a little stressful to get all done!) Benjamin and Melissa also entered some of their vegetables with the School Garden Contest and won ribbons and money for that.
First up is our little Zachary. Loving the animals!
Here is Carolin grinning like crazy. She is standing beside her "Abstract Watercolour" painting. It's abstract, all right! She got second place (out of two, but that's okay!)
Here's Benjamin by his award-winning drawing of a castle. I actually got the guy to smile for the camera.
Deanna with her first-place collage. Deanna won the most awards and money of all the kids! Melissa with her quilt. She won a third-place ribbon.
And finally, our monkey Melissa. She climbed to the top of the climbing wall. Her older brother, not even close.

When thinking about entering artwork and vegetables in the fair I ponder why we do it and whether we will again. I do think it is good for the kids and I to have some goals during the summertime. It also makes me do art with the kids. Though I love crafting with the children, it can be difficult with the little ones around. I am glad that I could glue, paint, sew, cut and more with my children. They learned a bit about using a rotary cutter, a hot glue gun and working together. On the other hand, we have to fill out our entry form and pay the entrance fees by the beginning of July. And that's where the pressure is. We have to finish what we said we would do.

Tomorrow I will post about the things I entered into the fair. The ones I haven't posted yet, anyway.

Do you and your children enter items in your local fair? What types of things do you enter? Why do you do it? Do you stress about it, or is that just me?

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  1. I keep thinking about entering a quilt into the fair but by the time I get one picked out or finished it's late....so not yet. Maybe this year now that the oldest will be in school a few hours a day I will be able to.