Camping: A Child's Perspective

Letting our children go behind the lens for awhile allowed us to view things from their perspective a bit. Daddy cooking breakfast. Truly, it's not daddy that's important, just the yummy breakfast he's cooking up for us. (Melissa)
Wildlife. (Benjamin)
More wildlife. (Benjamin)
Daddy relaxing at the beach. (Melissa)
More relaxing. (Melissa)
My feet. Giggle. Giggle. (Melissa)
Me. (Melissa)
My parents. Again, just the important stuff on the photo. Maybe Daddy is too tall? (Melissa)
Zachary having a bath in the dish bucket. (Melissa)

The next three photos were taken by me. But they are so cute I had to include them.

This kid is all boy, that's for sure.


  1. looks like lots of fun for everyone. it is fun to see it from a different point of view through the kids eyes.

  2. It is neat isn't it? Different angles and seeing what they are interested in. Those pics of Z are very cute!

  3. Sorry, Alisa, but Gord isn't too tall....you're just too short!

    Signed, another shortie in Chilliwack...sigh...