I Love My Mom Quilt

It's my mom's birthday today.

I love my mom very much. I think that all of her children would agree that she is pretty special. She is well-loved.

I started this quilt in May of 2009. Zachary was only a few weeks old. I gave her a quilt block for Mother's Day.

I gave her quilt blocks every few weeks or months. With a card or in the mail, or just by itself.

It was fun to give her these little surprises here and there. She loves surprises. And mail. She loves mail.

Then one day I demanded them all back. I finished the quilt top around Mother's Day 2010.

And this morning I gave her the completed quilt. She likes it very much!

It will be quite at home at their place, don't you think?


  1. Oh, you made some memories when you made this quilt! How sweet this was of you, and the quilt is beautiful!

  2. I love it Alisa! She sure is a special Mom!

  3. what a wonderful gift. I would be such a happy mom to receive this quilt. Its' beautiful!

  4. yes she loves it!!

  5. She is a very special Mom and we all love her!!