Pre-baby gift

A friend of mine is expecting her 7th baby very soon (Update: They just called to say their little boy arrived early this morning!!) I thought I'd give her a little pre-baby gift as she needed a little lift. They had multiple things going on in their life that were pretty stressful.

I received the fabric on the front of the bib from Lera awhile back. I won it in her giveaway. Thank you Lera!

I can't get over how cute the print is.

Had to try it on a real life model.

I hope it get's lots of use. I love seeing my bibs looking well-used.


  1. LOVE that print, you matched it up with some great colours. most adorable model :)

  2. It's super cute. I would hate to see it look well used (though I know it is the idea!). I hope her delivery went well and that the mom and baby are healthy (and less stressed now as well).

  3. The print is too cute as is the model!

  4. There is something about cartoon jungle animals that shouts "Cute!" - Linnet

  5. this is adorable....i am sure you friend is going to adore it and there is no doubt it will get its share of use...

  6. As the proud recipient of that bib, I can say I absolutely love it and solemnly promise to use it regularly on our new little man. Thanks, Alisa!