Ben's Penguin

Penguin tutorial is from the Purl Bee blog. Great free pattern for any penguin lovers out there.

I sort of messed up the neck a bit.  Not following directions properly will do that.

I was going to make the penguin for Ben's birthday but I didn't finish it.  So I enlisted his help in finishing it.  He did most of the stuffing.

He's not perfect but he's loved.  Ben even took him to school to show him off.  That's saying something for an 11 year old!

We should have used black thread on the black fabric, but I was too lazy to change the thread.  oops.

Whipped up a pair of hot pads for my s-i-l for her birthday.  I recently won a set of fat eights from I Have To Say and put them to good use with this project.  Thanks Randi!

Terrible photos.  I literally took these photos as I was running out the door.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Thanks a BIG compliment for an 11 year old. It really is a cute penguin!

  2. what a cute penguin, though the link shows the blog with the penguins but I don't see a tutorial, what am I doing wrong?

  3. The penguin turned out very cute! I still haven't made any pot holders...what a nice gift it makes though.

  4. Cute penguin. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in Ben's class room.

  5. I love the potholders! Suzanne mentioned you had made some - they have InsulBrite inside? I made some a few weeks ago and cut the InsulBrite with my new rotary cutter. Halfway through I realized there's sort of metal in the insulation and freaked out lest I'd ruined my cutter/mat. My brother (trades) figured it'd be ok though, as it's a titanium blade. Did you cut with your rotary cutter?